Why do all the preview videos say Videohive or RevoStock?

We purchase our templates primarily from these two sites. They provide the preview videos, and that's why the videos are watermarked with their logos. 

Who makes the templates?

People who are way more talented than us. We rely on a network of amazing producers to supply us with templates. They are awesome at what they do and we proudly purchase their templates from Videohive and RevoStock. Our expertise is the customization of templates and facilitating a smooth, fast, and affordable editing process. 

Do you sell the templates by themselves?

No. We are not a reseller of any kind. We are a video production company using templates as a means of video creation for our customers. We re-purchase the templates from our suppliers each and every time a video is ordered on our site. This is an important clarification to make, especially for the sake of template producers. Our desire is to help template producers sell more templates by offering our customization service.

What is the air-speed velocity of an unladen swallow? 

We don't know.