How Templates Work

1. Choose a video

Head on over and choose from our selection of amazing videos. You can see some examples of how people have used our videos here. Once you find the perfect video for you, add it to your cart and finish the checkout process.

2. Add your message

After checkout, you will receive an email from our team. The email will give you instructions on how to craft your message for the video you chose. We will walk you through the whole process. You can send your media to us via email, FTP, or send us a link if your videos are already on YouTube. 

Once you send us your text, videos, and/or photos, our team will get to work on your video right away. We will have it done and to you within 48 hours. You will get an email from us with instructions on how to download the HD video file and upload it to your website or social media pages.

3. Promote your business

Okay, now that you have this cool video, what should you do with it? The possibilities are endless, but here's what we suggest. 

First things first 
• Upload it to your YouTube or Vimeo channel

Second things...second 
• Put it on your Facebook page 
• Feature it in your e-newsletter 
• Play it on the TV in your lobby 
• Buy some air time from your local cable company 
• Show it at the beginning of your presentations 
• Show it at your trade show booth 
• Save up and buy a spot during the Superbowl (Okay, maybe not)