Our Story

We want to change the way videos get made.

Everyone needs a video these days. Video is THE way to communicate. The problem is that video can be expensive. Some can afford big production house prices. For everyone else, we want to offer another option.

We started Verge after 10 years of frustration with the video production industry. We were making videos for the big guys, but we would meet all these great small business owners who had brilliant ideas but couldn't afford to spend tens of thousands of dollars on a custom video.

So we decided to offer an alternative. A new model. One that focused on affordability and speed while maintaining quality.

We believe every business deserves a powerful video to tell their story and show off their brand. Verge is making this happen.

We make videos in one of two ways.

1. Pre-made video "templates" that can be customized and turned around in less than 48 hours.

2. We also have an amazing team of cinematographers and editors that specialize in fully custom productions.

Much Love,
Bryson & The Verge Team