Templates are a great option if you're on a tight budget but need a powerful, eye-catching video. With templates, we can create a video for you out of almost nothing. Just tell us what you want to communicate, send any photos, text, and videos you have, and we'll get it done. We have thousands of templates to choose from, and we'll make sure the style of your video is a good fit for your brand. Unlike other automated/do-it-yourself video creation tools, our videos are produced by skilled creative professionals. They know what works best because they do it everyday. Besides, your time is much better spent on other things.

To get started, just send a quick email to curious@vergevideos.com or call 479-220-2590.

Below are a few examples of videos created with our templates. The template and final video are side by side.

Example 1: Walmart Promo


Final Video

Walmart called one Friday afternoon in a panic and asked if we could create a video for them to show at the SIFE World Cup. They needed the video Monday! And they only had $500 in the budget. To that we said, "No problem!"



For the Walmart project, we chose a really cool template called "Typo Poster" (above). We added videos that Walmart sent us along with photos and text.


How We Did It

Here is Verge founder Bryson Moore explaining the process of creating Walmart's video using a template. This project is a perfect example of how Verge can crank out awesome looking content fast and affordably.

Example 2: Hillsong London


Final Video

This video promoted a big event for Velocity, a community of Hillsong London.



We chose a template called Modern Ribbons for this project. The look was a good fit for their brand.

"Verge Videos offered the professional quality we had been looking for at an affordable price. They were quick and efficient. We highly recommend them."

-Dan Blythe, Hillsong London

Example 3: (in)Real Life Trailer


Final Video

This is a trailer for DaySpring's conference called (in)Real Life. For this project, DaySpring wanted to show user-submitted photos from their previous year's conference.



We used a template called Photo Gallery on a Sunny Afternoon. This template enabled us to turn a bunch of ordinary photos into a beautiful video.

"THIS is the reason we love working with you. Thank you thank you thank YOU for capturing our community and our desire to make everyone feel welcome. The tree? Oh my. That alone, was worth the price of admission :)"

-Lisa-Jo Baker, Social Media Manager, DaySpring